golf cart on charleston streets

Start a business with only your golf cart!

a local cartis the first marketplace that makes it easy to rent your golf cart to neighbors and visitors.

  • Listing is free
  • You set the price
  • You get to choose who rents your cart
  • Around the clock customer support
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You could earn...

$69 - $100 per day

I made $300 from my first rental.

- Emily W.

Cart host on a local cart

How to list your Golf Cart or LSV

  1. 1.

    Tell us about your cart
    Create a free listing with a few clicks. Describe your cart, upload photos, and set your price.
  2. 2.

    Upload documents
    We will need to verify your insurance and registration as well as your driver's license.
  3. 3.

    Link payout method
    We make it really easy to get paid by partnering with Stripe. Receive your earnings directly to your bank account.
  4. 4.

    Go Live!
    Once approved you are ready to start accepting bookings.
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